The introduction of the objective type paper by CBSE shall be testing students’ overall understanding and comprehension. In a language paper, wherein a lot of things are critically appreciated, hitting the right nail on the head is vital. Students’ knowledge and understanding according to a specific question shall be tested like choosing the aptest content with respect to cause, effect, or solution. 

Understanding the question by carefully reading the choice of words is going to be imperative in acing this exam. A few tips to prepare for the language subjects are as follows:

— Thorough reading of the chapters focusing on the tone, mood, theme and character traits of the speaker shall equip the learners to answer the objective-based questions in a better manner. Critical appreciation of the poems and lessons is imperative, to make them connect with the central idea and message imparted through the chapters.

— Rigorous practice of grammar and reading worksheets is crucial to boost the confidence of the learners as well as to strengthen their concepts. The age-old thought of ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ holds true in examination. Analysis of the answers shall make them rectify their errors before taking the exam.

— While the writing section is not included in the Hindi language, it is an important part of an English paper. This section can be strengthened by going through the formats and understanding the content structure bifurcated in terms of cause-effect-solution; so as to choose the appropriate options based on the question given.

— Time management is the key to cracking the objective based paper as the reading section itself takes time to be comprehended by many students. Judicious utilisation of the 20 minutes reading time shall smoothen the completion of the paper. Reading and understanding the questions; as well as careful analysis of all options is integral to get the correct answer.

— Solving sample papers based on time limit shall enable the students to manage their time in a better manner and also in getting practice of a variety of questions.

— Accuracy is the major determinant to score in term 1 paper, hence a focussed and attentive approach shall sail them through.