Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that leads to depigmentation of the skin. It occurs in 1-2% of the population all over the world. 

A recent study on the beauty industry suggests that today this industry is worth $532 billion. In such times, when people equate confidence and beauty to their looks, appearances, a personality so much so that it has led to ‘Ayurveda’ the traditional medical system of India become the newest addition in the healthy and natural skincare regime around the world. This pattern of acceptance is slated to grow manifold, as there lies no adverse effects with Ayurvedic treatment. Thereby, addressing the commonly occurring skin disorders like Psoriasis, Vitiligo is of extreme importance. 

We asked Mr. Vikas Chawla, Founder, and Director, Vedas Cure to share some basic facts about Vitiligo. The expert shared:

Common Facts About Vitiligo

Fact 1 – It is coined to be a rare skin disease affecting only 1-2% of the entire world population.

Fact 2 – Rare it may be, it has the potential to change the entire lives of those suffering from it.

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Fact 3- While some may excel in their condition with plenty of courage, positivity, and untainted self-esteem; others find it difficult to accept the physical changes.

Fact 4- Vitiligo occurs when the skin loses its pigment cells (melanocytes). It is not a contagious or hereditary disease and can start at any age.

Fact 5- Genetics play an important role in the development of Vitiligo. People with relatives suffering from Vitiligo have higher chances of developing the condition.

Myths About Vitiligo

Every coin has two sides and little knowledge is a dangerous thing, the expert shared. These two quotes rightly highlight that conditions can become extremely peril when it is related to physiological and psychological changes in our body. Hence, debunking the myths related to Vitiligo is also crucial-

Myth 1- Vitiligo Is Life-Taking/Life-Shortening Disease

It poses no threat to life, but must be treated immediately as symptoms of patchy skin, discoloration begin to surface to lower the effect.

Myth 2- Vitiligo Is Caused Only To People With Darker Complexion

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The root cause of the disease is skin losing its pigment cells (melanocytes), it can happen with any race around the world. Darker, lighter, or fairer skin tones all are equally susceptible to Vitiligo.

Myth 3- Vitiligo Is Caused By Milk-Related Products

There is no scientifically proven fact that Vitiligo is caused by lactose-related products. It is an auto-immune disorder and has simply no evidence or correlation with edible products that one consumes.

Myth 4- Vitiligo Vanishes By Itself

All patients suffering from Vitiligo need certified experts to look into their condition. Ayurveda, the traditional healing method with no side effects, is an ideal form of therapy. Babchi oil, Kaishor guggulu, and Arogyavardhini tablets are highly advisable for Vitiligo patients.

Myth 5- Vitiligo Leads To Physical And Mental Impairment

Family plays a huge support system for people suffering from Vitiligo. They must never be made to feel inferior or distinct from others, as it is the beginning step for outcasting them. Home remedies like exercising, consuming healthy food, consuming water from the copper glass, and drinking ginger juice are some effective practices that help in the treatment of Vitiligo.

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