Giloy: Know The Benefits Of This Ayurvedic Herb And When To Avoid

A widely used herb in Ayurvedic medicine, giloy is an essential herb that can provide several benefits to the human body. Meaning ‘Amrita’ (the root of immortality) in Sanskrit, the botanical name for giloy is Tinospora tcordifolia. Used in numerous ayurvedic compositions due to its medicinal advantages, giloy is a powerhouse of all the antioxidants and is highly beneficial for increasing immunity. It is rich in copper, manganese, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. giloy is helpful in many ailments. giloy leaves are dark coloured, betel shaped, and can easily be identified.

Health benefits and tips to consume

1. Antipyretic – Giloy has antipyretic properties also, which means it helps in reducing fever. If you have some health condition or if the fever persists for longer, check with your doctor before consuming it.

2. Immunity Booster – Giloy activates the immune system and gives an instant increase in vitality. It is full of antioxidants and helps the body get rid of all the toxins.

3. Helps in Jaundice – Giloy helps in relieving the pain and reducing fever in Jaundice.

4. Anemia – The majority of women suffer from anemia, which is a result of haemoglobin deficiency in the body. Giloy can be consumed to increase the haemoglobin level in the body.

5. Anti-Inflammatory – Giloy has anti-inflammatory properties, making it suitable for those suffering from inflammatory issues.

6. Liver – People who consume alcohol regularly often develop liver-related diseases like fatty liver. Giloy may help ensure better liver health

When to avoid

Giloy is beneficial for many problems, but there are certain side effects too.

1. Low blood sugar – Patients suffering from low blood sugar should not consume giloy in any form. Since it is a hypoglycemic agent, it would reduce the blood sugar level further.

2. Low blood pressure – Patients suffering from low blood pressure should also avoid consuming giloy as it reduces blood pressure.

3. Auto-immune disorder – Patients suffering from auto-immune disorder should avoid the consumption of giloy; it can increase the risk of accelerating the problem.

4. Pregnant and lactating women – Pregnant and lactating women should also refrain from consuming giloy.

You should not consume giloy in excess. If you have existing health conditions, talk to your healthcare expert before consuming giloy.

(Vikas Chawla is an Ayurvedic Pharmacist, Founder and Director of Vedas Cure)