MRG School,Developing Writing Readiness

MRG School organised a live session with Shri. Educare, trainer Ms. Sudipta Mukherjee headed the event. The event was hosted on their Facebook page on Fine motor skill development among 3-5 years old children. The session was extremely insightful and helped parents understand the intricacies, benefits of these developmental milestone. The session hosted by MRG School highlighted some very  simple but effective activities that  guided educators and parents to help children develop fine motor skills. Ms Sudipta is  an Orton- Gillingham (AEOGP) English language trainer and a dyslexia therapist from MSL Singapore,she has been mentoring teachers for over a decade and has developed Curriculum for Elementary Grades for SEL schools and Army Public School (Cantonment campus).

Ms. Priyanka Barara, Principal, MRG School said, “Prior to kindergarten, fine motor skills are important for school readiness. Research indicates that fine motor skills play a role in cognition and language development. Graphomotor skills also play a significant role in early reading development, even when children do not have cognitive knowledge of letters. Graphomotor skills are the skills necessary for handwriting. Since these skills make the foundation for student’s early education stronger, our school planned this webinar.”  The Principal also added, “Some of the components include visual perceptual skills, visual motor coordination, and the ability to understand, recognize and remember writing components such as letter formation, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation).”