The MRG School, Rohini set up in collaboration with Shri Educare Limited organized an insightful session with Ms Manika Sharma, the education expert and director of The Shri Ram Schools in the presence of all important stakeholders of the school, selected teaching staff and also some students. The major themes of the discussion were the impact of Covid-19 on Education and Learning, Implementation of NEP 2020, Involvement of Parents and Students in Online Learning, Future of Education Post Covid-19 & last but not least Benefits of SEL association with the MRG School

The session was moderated by Mr Vijay Shukla, and key spokespersons were Ms Anshu Mittal, Principal, The MRG School, Ms Nidhi Kaushik, Student Administrator, SEL, Ms Shubhi Soni, Head of School, TSWY and a student representative from MRG School. The session was enlightening with varied perspectives from the experts. Ms Manika Sharma elaborated upon the importance and role of Three-Way Handshake in the era of remote learning.

Upon being asked from the parents the changes which MRG school will incorporate in association with Shri Educare Ltd. and the vision of school management, Ms Manika Sharma said, “The Shri Ram Schools has a legacy of more than 32 years in transforming the way students think, their dedicated staff takes care of the critical thinking skills and decision-making ability of their students.”

Adding on to the same, Ms Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, Rohini, said, “Young learners are subjected to situations and challenges in life where decision making and critical thinking play a huge role. It is our duty as a school to help them imbibe these values in the early years of life.”

The session ended with some innovative tips from Ms Manika Sharma, director, and The Shri Ram Schools as exit slips for students to put forward their doubts, making the class more interactive and initiating a transparent form of communication. Parents from the community gave positive feedback for the session and were delighted to get their queries addressed on a real-time basis.