As per the most recent update, CBSE is likely to announce the final scoring criteria soon on its official website. Principals of different schools discussed the alternative assessment to ease the CBSE dilemma.

Awarding fair board examination scores will determine the future of lakhs of students

Awarding fair board examination scores will determine the future of lakhs of students | Representational image

The year 2021 is going to make a major difference in the landscape of the Indian school education system, as the Class 12th board exams stand cancelled. Amid the fear and stress of the Covid-19 second wave, PM Modi declared the cancellation of the nationwide CBSE Class 12 board exams after chairing a crucial meeting with experts from education and administration. The decision received a fairly positive response, as the uncertainty looming over students, teachers and school finally came to an end.

However, the cancellation of boards does not solve every problem, as the nature of these exams has been very pivotal over the years in a student’s academic career. The scores attained in the Class 12th boards become a yardstick for admission in higher educational institutions whether in India or abroad.

Therefore, the decision of cancellation has been fundamental in safeguarding students’ health and safety in present times; nonetheless the need of the hour remains to plan and secure the future of lakhs of students across the country waiting to be promoted and procure admission in colleges.

Is there any solution for the class 12 results compilation?

Contemplating upon the fair options for assessment criteria, Sangeeta Hajela, Principal, DPS Indirapuram said, “The team of experts at CBSE is painstakingly trying to find the best possible solution for the class 12 results compilation.”

“The detailed directive is likely to be released soon, but one can expect the marks to be computed on the basis of the internal assessments and practical exam, with some checks and balances. Though not a perfect replacement for the pen and paper evaluation, it is the best that can be done under the severe constraints of the present circumstances,” she said.

Importance of fair scoring methods

Elaborating upon the importance of fair scoring methods and alternatives to board exams Rajat Goel, Director, MRG School, Rohini said, “In order to ensure complete justice to a year-long hard work and grit of all the students of Class 12, CBSE must plan an unbiased and impartial criterion of assessment in case the conditions are not propitious to conduct the board exams.”

“The assessment can be conducted online by CBSE or the school may be allowed to plan an internal exam. It can contain MCQs making it completely objective type questions,” he said.

“The exam can be conducted for every subject wherein the question paper is framed in such a way that student has to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in attempting those questions. There can be another part of aptitude test that can be made an intrinsic part of question papers as it will help them in passing the entrance exams of various universities or colleges,” Goel added.

Goel further added: “The exams have been postponed twice already and even now the possibility of conducting the exams seems to be bleak, so the only alternative would be to promote the students on the basis of internal assessments conducted throughout the year. It is the only method that is so far reliable and creditable in assessing our students.”

Final scoring criteria

As per the most recent update, CBSE is likely to announce the final scoring criteria around June16-17. Any further updates will appear on CBSE’s official website. The conundrum to make assessment fair for all has raised several crucial concerns in the education system, out of which the inability to maintain a digital repository remains one.

It has almost been 1.5 years that students are attending online classes and being promoted to a new session. Still, the second wave in 2021 was powerful enough to disrupt, question and challenge the prevalent methods of assessment and learning.