Home to various religious sites and exciting wonders, Pushkar, is the place where devotees and tourists find their share of respite. Surrounded by over 50 lakes, Pushkar is a place of religious importance in Hinduism. According to the traditional beliefs, the Pushkar lake generated out of the lotus that Lord Brahma had dropped there. The city thrived around this lake and today, it is known for the Savitri Mata temple located on a hillock. 

The Ropeway offers scenic views of the place to its visitors. Located near the Brahma Temple, the place attracts tourists. While planning a trip to Pushkar one must visit both Brahma temple and Savitri Mata temple.

Damodar Ropeway & Infra Limited has been overseeing the ropeway travel in Savitri Mata Temple for the past four years. Commenting on the ease of accessibility that the ropeway provides, Aditya Chamaria, MD, Damodar Ropeway & Infra Limited said, “India has a rich culture and heritage when it comes to temples and shrines, however most of them have been constructed in ancient times and became a place of social gathering for the local people. Some of these places have now become popular tourist destinations due to the religious significance they hold and the majestic views they offer. Savitri Mata Temple being one such religious place is able to attract millions of tourists every year, due to the ease of accessibility, the ropeway system provides to varied age-groups of devotees. Our effort remains to improve it as per the latest technology standards promising the visitors utmost safety and comfort.”

Known as one of the largest livestock fairs in India, the Pushkar Fair attracts numerous tourists every year in the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov). In this place, the ropeway serves as a lifeline to connect visitors to the Savitri Mata temple. The Aerial Ropeway, built at a height of 202 metres, traverses a distance of 720 meters in 6 minutes. Thereby, providing ease of access to visitors of all ages.