Sushma Group has geared itself to rekindle excitement and attract fence-sitters as the second wave passes away. The Group announced that it will pay the rent of the buyers until the time their home is ready for possession. The offer is for 16 different residential product options with Sushma Group, with possesion periods ranging from 3 months to 15 months. The offer is valid upto July 2021.In the current scenario, the demand for real estate is high as people are valuing real estate. Talking about the initiative and the demand for real estate, Prateek Mittal, executive director, Sushma Group, said, “A large number of customers visiting us has been showing interest in ready to move apartments so that they end their rent immediately and only pay the EMIs. This prompted us to think of an initiative where we could extend an additional helping hand to the esteemed buyers; hence this idea of paying their rent came up.” Various research reports have established that the demand for RTM has been on the rise since 2016. According to PropTiger data, the share of RTMI in overall sales has been increasing since 2016. In 2015, RTMI accounted for 7% of overall sales, rising to 10% in 2016, 13% in 2017, 15% in 2018, and 18% in 2019. “There are no options available for ready to move inventory in the entire tri-city market. So, a substantial number of buyers are looking for options where the property is 80-90% complete and would be ready in another 6-8 months,” informs Mittal.The Group feels that this will ease out the 6-8 month pre-possession period for the buyers as they will not be subject to the double burden of rent and EMI.