Image credit: Vedas Cure

Vedas Cure, an online Ayurveda treatment centre based out in Noida, has introduced a customised line of self-designed kit consisting of a Vitiligo Derma Care, Psoralea oil and a tablet for the patients who have early symptoms of Vitiligo such as white patches of skin. Vitiligo is a skin disease characterised by the white patches on the skin surface caused by the improper functioning of the melanocytes.

The medicines for Vitiligo in the Vedas Cure kit are Kaishor Guggulu, the Derma Care Powder, Psoralea oil also known as babchi oil. Local application of psoralea oil is effective in treating vitiligo. It distributes the skin color uniformly on the white patches thus reducing the accumulation of white element on a single area.

Another important element in this kit is the Arogyavardhini tablet- these tablets are given to Vitiligo patients twice a day. It contains herbs that help in treating the disease naturally.

Some other useful easy to practice home remedies for people suffering from Vitiligo recommended by Vedas Cure’s team of experts are drinking ginger juice to increase blood flow to the white patches on the skin, reducing the intake of sour food like lemon, tamarind, vinegar, etc, avoiding consuming fish with milk products simultaneously and last but not the least including fresh fruits and vegetables in the regular diet.