Undoubtedly, wheatgrass juice has many benefits but should it be considered as a part of your daily diet? That’s a big question!

Wheatgrass juice benefits: Superfood! Should you add it to your daily diet?

Undoubtedly, wheatgrass juice has many benefits but should it be considered as a part of your daily diet? That’s a big question! If you are planning to shift towards healthy lifestyle, wheatgrass is one of the best options to consider. You must have seen this ingredient popping up almost everywhere. From juices to wheatgrass extracts present in creams and hair masks, wheatgrass is a superfood that has been raving and has found way its way in our “quest for healthy” lifestyle. 

A storehouse of vitamins A, C, D, E, K and Vitamin B Complex loaded with other essential minerals like Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper and Calcium, wheatgrass is something you should definitely know more of! This supplement is almost a must in today’s time as it helps in boosting immunity. Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director, Jivo Wellness, has more to share on wheatgrass juice benefits:-

1. Supports weights loss and helps in controlling cholesterol 

Wheatgrass contains thylakoids which when substituted in your diet makes you feel full and satiated thus helping in promoting weight loss. Also many studies suggest that consuming wheatgrass can help lower the bad cholesterol levels in your body. So add those wheatgrass shots in your morning regime or add a little in your evening juice. Try it to feel the difference. 

2. Eliminates toxins and boosts immunity
A superfood that is loaded with generous amounts of anti oxidants, power of 17 amino acids along with iron and calcium. Give your immunity a boost with this ingredient that works like a pro to elevate metabolism. Not only that, the present of essential nutrients make it a great companion for a detox.

3. Combat Cancer

Research has suggested that wheatgrass could be beneficial in the prevention of cancer.
Wheatgrass, like other antioxidants, could be an excellent supplement to take alongside traditional cancer treatments. The chlorophyll content purifies the blood and removes all toxins, carcinogens and free radicals. 

4.  Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Risk

Research has even found that wheatgrass might be beneficial for raising the insulin levels in those with diabetes by fighting inflammation. This makes wheat grass supplements a natural Diabetes management program.

5. Promotes Anti-Infection Properties

Anti-infection properties are also a beneficial feature of wheatgrass supplementation. There is more than enough evidence of wheatgrass consumption helping to slow the growth of certain infections; this can be particularly helpful in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections and a way of avoiding harsher antibiotics for minor infections.

6. Good for Skin & Provides anti- aging benefits

Talk about saggy skin or a wrinkle, wheatgrass is the answer to your aging problems. Ensures skin elasticity and rejuvenates your skin cells, say hello to youthful skin and get your quota of Wheatgrass today! A vitamin dense power food, especially vitamin A and C can help make your skin glow from the inside. Pop a wheatgrass capsule or dunk in the goodness of Wheatgrass juice. 

“There isn’t one but several more benefits of the amazing power food wheatgrass. Ready made and fresh juices are available but If you struggle to adapt your tastebuds to wheatgrass flavor there’s always capsules you can opt for,” says Gurpreet Singh.

Singh says one of the biggest challenges they faced at Jivo that how to make wheatgrass juice tastier. “We have two flavours in our Wheatgrass drink, Ginger Ale and cola. For the cola drink, we have nuts exported from Africa to us. These drinks after the flavour enhancement are carbonated which increases their shelf life. Flavours are added to neutralize the taste,” Gurpreet Singh concludes.