New Delhi: In a panel discussion organized by exchange4media (40 under 40) on ‘Storytelling with Data, Talking about intertwining within the two’ Dushyant Sinha, Founder and Managing Director ICCPL Group discussed the need for Artificial Intelligence in the PR industry to bring accuracy in sharing information with the stakeholders across the geographical location. “In today’s time, data has become significant for the industry as it is used to develop the effective content relevant to the client as well as the reader. We, at ICCPL, do research and develop content for all our clients. If we take the example of the real estate sector, we have been using data and research reports for developing documents, including press releases, articles, features, white papers, etc. The efficacy of our content is appreciated not only by the clients but also by the media.”

Sinha also received an award at 2nd edition of PR and Corp Comm 40 under 40 from exchange4media. He was sharing views along with other panelists including Abhilasha Padhy, Co-founder and Joint MD, 80 DB; Anjali Sehwag from Media Mantra, and Karan Bhandari from Weber Shandwick. The event was moderated by Tasmayee Roy, Assistant Editor, exchange4media.

He also shared that he is working on AI technology to filter the newsfeed according to the regions and clients. “We do a lot of newsletter work, which is then sent out to all the clients and regions. However, there are chances that not all relevant news reaches the target audience as dissemination is based on keywords, which is not an effective way. We are working on the technology so that clients in various geographies receive every news even remotely related to them. We are sure to come out with an AI-based solution within a year or two,” he said adding that “PR industry should focus on the use of AI as this technology can process data much faster than any public relations practitioner would.”

Talking on the importance of right data and content for communication, Dushyant Sinha said, “While working with the available data, we should focus on the right source of the data and not enter the rat race of picking up the data and sharing the stories/releases without authenticating the content. As a communication consultant, it’s our responsibility to share the relevant content with media and should not forget that a good PR tells a good story.”