• A digital university will be set up open for all the Indian citizens to skill, upskill themselves.
  • The university will be established in collaboration with various Indian universities.
  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also announced implementation of ‘e-vidya’, a TV channel for supplementary education for students.

India’s Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, on Tuesday, announced that a Digital University, named ‘DESH-Stack portal’, for online learning will be set up, which will be built on a hub and spoke model. The university will be set up in collaboration with various universities in India.

This will be made available in different Indian languages and information and communications technology (ICT) formats. High-quality e-content in all spoken languages will be developed for delivery via the internet, mobile phones, TV, and radio through “digital teachers”.

The goal behind this initiative, which is open for the citizens of the country, is to skill, upskill or reskill. It will also provide API-based trusted skill credentials, payment, and discovery layers to find relevant jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

A National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) will also be aligned with the industry dynamic to promote continuous skilling avenues, sustainability, and employability.

She further added that a TV channel named ‘e-Vidya’, will also be implemented to provide supplementary education to children from class 1 to 12, especially for children in rural areas, to make up for the loss of the learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sitharaman said, “We recognize the need to impart supplementary teaching and to build a resilient mechanism for education delivery. For this purpose, the ‘one class-one TV channel’ program of PM eVIDYA will be expanded from 12 to 200 TV channels. This will enable all states to provide supplementary education in regional languages for classes 1-12.”